Crestview Church of Christ

Ministry name: Deaf Ministry


Ministry description: To provide opportunities for fellowship to the Deaf in Waco and Central Texas; to provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters during services on Sunday morning.


Ministry objectives: Bringing members of the Deaf community together with the membership at Crestview for meaningful worship, spiritual growth, and to develop lasting relationships between all members at Crestview.  To provide interpreters so that people in the Deaf community who come to Crestview as a visitor, or as a member, can fully participate in all aspects of church life.


How are these objective(s) accomplished: Attending and participating in events around Waco for the Deaf community; for example, Deaf Day at Lion’s Park, some of the Deaf socials that are open to people who are hearing; hosting Deaf events at the Crestview Community Center; providing an ASL interpreter for Sunday morning worship.


How long have you been involved with this Ministry? 3-6 months (Jane Harvill); two years (Amanda Zink)


Was there a person that was instrumental in getting you involved?  Betty Willis


How has this Ministry affected the people it serves? Currently, this ministry affects those people it serves by providing ASL interpreters during services on Sunday morning.  Recently, people involved with the ministry are also attending events in the Waco area for the Deaf community and volunteering to help with the work involved.


How has this Ministry affected you and others involved?  We’re making new friends, we’re deepening relationships with friends we already knew, and we’re learning about people in the Waco community, many of whom are deeply committed to Christianity.


Detail your most memorable experiences related to this Ministry.  The patience and kindness of those who we are trying to serve in helping us to serve them best.  We get to experience this every week.


What characteristics should a person possess in order to be effective in this Ministry?  A love of God and a desire to serve.


What is needed to make this Ministry more effective?  More Crestview members willing to interact with the Deaf members of our church, and in the Deaf community.


What should a person considering becoming involved in this Ministry know about you and this Ministry?  Even if you do not know any ASL, there are some basics that are easy to learn (like finger-spelling your name, and saying hello).  We are willing to help you learn – as we are learning ourselves.  Don’t let feeling uncomfortable or the lack of knowledge of ASL prevent you from serving! 


Approximate time commitment?  Flexible in time and levels of service.


Additional helpers needed?   Presently, the ministry leaders are not qualified to interpret sermons.  Until that changes, it is necessary that qualified ASL interpreters are found who can correctly represent the Word as it is taught on Sunday morning. 


One thing about this Ministry that would make someone want to get involved.  The Deaf culture is so very much like the early Church; they support one another, help one another, and truly care about one another.   Working with people who are so community-oriented changes your perspective, moving away from self, toward others.

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